Enhancing Entrepreneurship & Innovation

WBAF Business School was established by the World Business Angels Investment Forum as a response to an increasing need for qualified investors, qualified entrepreneurs, in addition to a pressing need for more ‘entrepreneurial’ companies, in the in the ever-changing market environment of the 21st century.

Investors having the advantage of training in the best practices of early-stage investments, are in a better position to ensure returns on their investment. In that regard, WBAF Business School has developed a broad array of offerings that use a range of inputs (case studies, panel discussions, and presentations, to name just a few)—all of which encourage active participation and interaction on the part of those attending.

In addition to addressing needs of individual investors and entrepreneurs, the WBAF Business School is also expanding its ‘executive development’ programmes, with the express aim of increasing ‘corporate entrepreneurship’ at all levels, from early-stage entities to incumbent companies. Accordingly, ‘custom- tailored’ business transformation workshops and courses are offered, aiming to assist management teams in ‘development’ and ‘execution’ of the most appropriate business ‘transformation plans’ for their particular businesses.

Accordingly, the WBAF Business School is not only for business angels. All stakeholders are welcome- everyone from entrepreneurs and SMEs, to banks, financial institutions and stock exchanges, to incubation and acceleration centres, up to and including large private and public corporate entities.

We are confident that the WBAF Business School will help open doors for entrepreneurs and investors around the world, contributing to the development of their capabilities and skills, fostering the kind of creative thinking that enhances innovation and entrepreneurship, leading to eventual success, in the challenging times ahead.

Finally, we would like to highlight WBAF Business School’s ultimate mission in promoting the WBAF’s own ethos, namely: to ease access to finance; increase financial inclusion; promote gender equality; and, to create more jobs and social justice worldwide.

With my best regards,

Dr Paul Doany
Rector, WBAF Business School - World Business Angels Investment Forum
An affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI)

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