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14 Hours Online + 14 Hours Homework + Proficiency Test


€ 6250

About this programme

WBAF provides an innovative learning experience to support current and aspiring board members in becoming more aware that this prestigious position in the boardroom should not be taken lightly, as it comes with important fiduciary obligations and considerable personal responsibilities. This course will enable participants to develop a toolkit of productive skills to efficiently channel their own intuitive reasoning, past experiences, and personal competencies towards supervising a company’s management team and achieving corporate strategic objectives. Non-executive directors serve on the board of all types of organizations (private or public sector, joint public/ private enterprises, listed companies, regulated corporations, family-owned businesses, not-for-profit, non- governmental organizations, etc.) that are at different levels of business maturity and operational activity.

The purpose of the course is to equip, empower, and educate board members everywhere. A key objective of the course is to ensure that you avoid the financial and other penalties that can arise if a board engages in poor corporate governance and decision-making. It is ingenious and contemporary style, outlined in eight practical modules, will leave you with an advanced understanding not only of the main statutory responsibilities, but also will provide you with: 

  • a good grasp of all the practical information you need as an experienced, new or aspiring board member:
  • how to have effective communication with all stakeholders,
  • good decision making skills and tactics,
  • understanding of how to form long term company strategies,
  • good corporate governance skills,
  • skills in understanding risk management, crisis management and technology management,  and
  • understanding of how mitigate the risks that come with making board decisions.

  • This programme is for you if you want to …

    • Understand the duties and responsibilities of professional non-executive directors.
    • Gain insights into the dynamics of boardroom structures and their complementary roles.
    • Appreciate the importance of properly applying corporate governance principles.
    • Acquire skills that will add tangible value when serving on a company’s board of directors.
    • Develop your potential for becoming a candidate for a non-executive director position in prominent boardrooms.
    • Qualify for speaking engagements on matters that concern non-executive directors.


    •   How you’ll learn
      Participants will also have individual and a wrap-up session after all the course materials have been completed to focus on key issues of interest.
      • Video presentations enhanced by live, interactive Q&A sessions.
      • Presentations from experts who will share their practical experiences and perspectives.
      • Group sessions to foster teamwork, facilitate role-playing, and reinforce learnings.

      Participants will also have individual and a wrap-up session after all the course materials have been completed to focus on key issues of interest.

  • Who is this programme for?

    • Company shareholders whose existing boards wish to enhance their professional roles or invite new directors.
    • Owners of companies that do not yet have a formal organizational structure but who intend to create new operational boards of directors.
    • Board secretaries who desire to further their knowledge about the role and responsibilities of non- executive directors.
    • Business leaders, private entrepreneurs, corporate executives, experts and professionals who wish to qualify for non-executive directorship positions.
    • Any experienced businessperson who is evaluating new opportunities and is interested in learning more about the vast world of board directorships.


The WBAF Business School provides a hybrid learning experience in a multilingual and multi-cultural environment offering (a) online education (b) support from an individualized strategic advisory board, (c) stock exchange meetups and inter-continental study trips, (d) support from a corporate governance and SME support center and (e) proficiency-based qualification and certification.

Certificate and ID Card

The programme concludes with a proficiency test and participants are awarded a professional certificate featuring your proficiency level and a personal WBAF Identity Card. The WBAF Business School awards two kinds of certificates: (a) a professional certificate is issued for successful completion of a programme that concludes with a proficiency test, and (b) a certificate of completion is issued for a course without a proficiency test.

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