4 October, 2021


15 Hours Online + 25 Hours Homework


€ 1450

About this programme


Women play a critical role in the global economy as entrepreneurs or owners of businesses. They help create jobs, generate income, and boost revenue—driving economies while reducing inequalities. In many emerging economies, women are starting businesses at a faster rate than men, significantly contributing to the economic growth.

This women entrepreneurship and business development certification program identifies women entrepreneurs and owners of businesses, and provides them with the advice, resources and access to unlock their full potential to grow their ventures, and to create conducive conditions for inclusive, resilient and sustainable economies based on the Agenda 2030 and women’s empowerment principles.

It is a unique opportunity to know best national and international practices to generate integral inclusive economic development while boosting women entrepreneurship from generating new ideas to scale up their corporations, institutions, and regions.

Through the certification you will have access to our vast resources, rich networks, and know-how, helping to strengthen your abilities to become global leader. At the same time, you will be part of vibrant community of successful women leaders and inspiring peer role models who numbered across 111 countries.

  • This programme is for you if you want to …

    • Obtain a certification designed to accelerate efficiently business development, and women entrepreneurship growth.
    • Reach your full potential by taking on stretched assignments, participating in pilot projects & doing on- the-job shadowing.
    • Identify business opportunities world-wide while creating an environment in which potential & diversity is leveraged to shape the future
    • Learn to think big and act fast: implementing design thinking ambitiously about your future business goals and learn how to implement tactic and strategy to generate results.
    • Innovate and knowing new technologies, key acquisitions, smart developments and how to implement them on your ventures.
    • Understand the process of raising capital and how to speak to investors.
    • Access to high-value networks and creates affirming communities of women entrepreneurs across the globe. Studies show these close connections among women entrepreneurs is a key factor to their long-term success.

    By the end of this programme, you will be able to create, design, and accelerate women entrepreneurship and business development across geographies & functions, enabling you to be a key contributor to any company’s, institution or organization purpose, and above all a differentiator in the decision making tables.


  • Who is this programme for?

    • Women owned businesses, Senior-level executives, diplomats, and women leaders.
    • Entrepreneurs, Mid-level managers leading teams with direct reports.
    • Those identified as high-potential talent by their organizations
    • Aspiring to positions of greater authority and influence within their company or organization
    • Participants of all genders who are interested in advancing executive women leadership in business
    •   How you’ll learn

      The program is constituted by case studies, readings, presentations, infographics, small video capsules, and practical cases; with the most recent entrepreneurship research, always taking in consideration female perspective which is emphasized on 2030 Agenda.
      If you are a woman that is looking for new perspectives and approaches; this course is ideal for you. 

      Presentations by the lecturer, followed by Q&A sessions
      • Experience-sharing with other participants
      • Contributions from visiting experts about real-life situations
      • Group sessions to enhance teamwork, stimulate role playing, and reinforce learnings
      • Networking


The WBAF Business School provides a hybrid learning experience in a multilingual and multi-cultural environment offering (a) online education (b) support from an individualized strategic advisory board, (c) stock exchange meetups and inter-continental study trips, (d) support from a corporate governance and SME support center and (e) proficiency-based qualification and certification.

Certificate and ID Card

The programme concludes with a proficiency test and participants are awarded a professional certificate featuring your proficiency level and a personal WBAF Identity Card. The WBAF Business School awards two kinds of certificates: (a) a professional certificate is issued for successful completion of a programme that concludes with a proficiency test, and (b) a certificate of completion is issued for a course without a proficiency test.

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