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Consider the various sources of finance available to entrepreneurs: Beyond basic bootstrapping, there are corporate ventures, angel investors, crowdfunding platforms, accelerators, VCs, banks, public grants, co-investment funds, business plan competitions, technology transfer offices, family offices, private equity investors and stock exchanges. With the notable exception of angel investors, all these sources provide only money, nothing more.

The only true sources of smart finance are angel investors, who are able to influence a country’s economic development by providing more than just money to entrepreneurs and SMEs. They with Angel investors contribute their own know-how, provide mentorship, and share their own networks in contributing to the businesses they invest in. They are thus the main drivers of innovation and the natural leaders of the world’s early-stage investment markets.

The objective of these short courses is to introduce important parts of angel investment system to those considering investing in startups, SMEs and high-growth companies by using their own money and own know-how. The courses aims to give the basic principles of angel investment and to-dos and not-to-dos while investing as a qualified angel investor.

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  • Who are these courses for?

    These courses will be suited for professionals (including CEOs) from listed companies or anyone who has an entrepreneurial background, directors of business angel networks, acceleration and incubation centers and techno parks and anyone who wants to set up a business angel network or create a business angel investment group.

    Corporate executives that manage innovation and corporate ventures; early-stage capital fund managers; M&A and business development executives; family office investment managers; entrepreneurs who are raising capital or planning exit strategies; successful entrepreneurs interested in becoming an investor or advisor; members of boards of directors; policymakers wishing to encourage the creation of clusters of innovation in their region; service providers: attorneys, accountants, and consultant.

    • CEOs or other professionals from listed companies and individuals
    • Directors of business angel networks
    • Professionals in technoparks and acceleration and incubation centres
    • Anyone or institute who wants to create a business angel investment group by using their own network
    • Investors and entrepreneurs who wish to learn the best practices of global VC and venture development
    • Anyone who wants become a professional business angel network manager/executive



  • These courses are for you if you want to …

    • avoid the many pitfalls new angel investors often encounter.
    • understand the basics of angel investing, including what makes the returns attractive to how to make the superior returns you deserve from the risk you will be taking with your money the importance of portfolio investment theory, and the financial life cycle of a start-up.
    • learn best practice for structuring, managing and exiting an investment, including valuations and deal closing,
    • establish a win-win relationship with the entrepreneur, and making a return which makes both of you the returns you want.
    • Identify suitable deal flow for the individual investor: learning how to source potential deals, investing in individuals rather than businesses, and ensuring a potential deal fits the investor’s portfolio.
    • Understand your place in the world of angel investment, looking at other stakeholders in the start-up ecosystem, the value of angel groups and syndication, fund structures and crowdfunding.
    •   How you’ll learn
      • Presentations by the lecturer, followed by Q&A sessions
      • Experience-sharing with other participants
      • Contributions from visiting experts about real-life situations
      • Group sessions to enhance teamwork, stimulate role playing, and reinforce learnings


The WBAF Business School provides a hybrid learning experience in a multilingual and multi-cultural environment offering (a) online education (b) support from an individualized strategic advisory board, (c) stock exchange meetups and inter-continental study trips, (d) support from a corporate governance and SME support center and (e) proficiency-based qualification and certification.

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