4 October, 2021


28 Hours Online + 32 Hours Homework + Proficiency Test


€ 3150

About this programme


Corporate/Business Diplomacy is the art, skill, and practice of creating and maintaining positive relationships across all shareholders, (governments, institutions, competitors, customers, unions, NGOs, and society) as a whole.

In an ever more global economy, the need for specialists who can initiate and maintain strategy conversations and build relationships to the benefit of all involved has never been of more consequence.

Business diplomacy encompasses a unique set of skills which allow the diplomate to move effortlessly within a diversity of contexts be that diversity due to values, culture, language, religion, politics, or social.

With greater frequency companies and organisations who wish to conduct business across borders are discovering that they are to a large extend ‘on their own’. What does this mean? Essentially, it means that where there might have been assistance from government in the past, they must now do their own research, reach out to possible partners and converse one on one with overseas companies and authorities. To a large degree this function now falls to the Business Diplomate.

In this course we cover all of the areas you will need to master as a Business diplomate, to know where you are, who you are with, what is expected and what will make the difference between winning and going home disappointed:

  • excellent and effective communication in diplomacy
  • an understanding of your own way of being and the way of being of others in economy, in entrepreneurship, in business
  • the neuroscience and skills behind excellent negotiation and powerful decision making
  • the importance of and the differences between main world cultures
  • what separates us and what we all share
  • the theory and practice of business diplomacy for entrepreneurs and for diplomats
  • virtual business diplomacy (post covid)

Business diplomates are:

  • self-understanding and self-reflection
  • culturally awareness and sensitive
  • build trust and understanding
  • manage and enjoy diversity
  • open minded and flexible
  • persistent and curious


  • This programme is for you if you are...

    A businessman and entrepreneur

    • develop an ability to influence situations and outcomes in reaching out your entrepreneurial goals
    • learn the characteristics and the factors that define the world’s main cultural groupings
    • build effective conversational, negotiation, critical thinking and decision-making skills in multi-cultural environments
    • gain a robust knowledge of intercultural communication and business partnering
    • learn the background, theory, and practice that underpins business diplomacy
    • feel comfortable where you might find yourself in the world
    • turn your diplomacy skills to entrepreneurial success stories


    A diplomat in the foreign affairs or trade mission of your country

    • Understand the mindset of entrepreneurs
    • Increase investment in your country through better communication with businessmen and entrepreneurs
    • Attract more global investors to your country
    • Promote investment opportunities of your country to international markets


    By the end of this program, you will have developed an in-depth knowledge of what Business Diplomacy is as well as a complete skillset that will serve you in any meeting, board room, bilateral agreements and meetings with diplomats entrepreneurs and or business context around the globe.


  • Who is this programme for?

    Any businessman, businesswoman, entrepreneur, start-ups, board member of listed companies, executives of companies, ambassadors, counsel generals, economy attachés of embassies, trade mission executives of ministries, business association leaders, and executives who wish to improve their ability to communicate, negotiate, influence, and/or collaborate with others at a corporate, government, institutional, competitor, customer, unions, NGOs, and societal level. While the emphasis in the course will be in the international business context, the content will also serve those, who need to develop business diplomatic relationships at home.

    It will be equal of value to those starting on their career as well as those who find themselves looking to sharpen or develop their skills.

    • Any businessman, businesswoman,
    • entrepreneur, start-ups,
    • board member of listed companies,
    • executives of companies,
    • ambassadors,
    • consul generals,
    • economy attachés of embassies,
    • trade mission executives of ministries,
    • business association leaders and executives


    •   How you’ll learn
      • Presentations by the lecturer, followed by Q&A sessions
      • About, who you are and where you come from (intrinsic knowing)
      • Real-life implementation and experience-sharing with the group/ other participants
      • Contributions from visiting experts about real-life situations (extrinsic knowledge)
      • Group sessions to enhance teamwork, stimulate role-playing, and reinforce learnings
      • Case studies, homework, and special assignments will complement in-class learning.


The WBAF Business School provides a hybrid learning experience in a multilingual and multi-cultural environment offering (a) online education (b) support from an individualized strategic advisory board, (c) stock exchange meetups and inter-continental study trips, (d) support from a corporate governance and SME support center and (e) proficiency-based qualification and certification.

Certificate and ID Card

The programme concludes with a proficiency test and participants are awarded a professional certificate featuring your proficiency level and a personal WBAF Identity Card. The WBAF Business School awards two kinds of certificates: (a) a professional certificate is issued for successful completion of a programme that concludes with a proficiency test, and (b) a certificate of completion is issued for a course without a proficiency test.

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