4 October, 2021


15 Hours Online + 30 Hours Homework + Proficiency Test


€ 2050

About this programme


What goes around comes around. Karma is real and it’s going to be with your company from day one. You have to build your company on ethically sound foundations. A diamond in the rough will be noticed by investors and customers alike in a sea of unethical monetary driven start-ups. Doing the right thing is not just correct but required for successful start-ups.

Weaving threads of ethic into the fabric of your company might be tricky. It may sound easy to some people but doing it right requires that you fully understand ethical concepts and how the right ethical solution can disguise itself in different situations. This course will teach you how to recognize what’s ethical, drawing upon real life examples.

Not always bad people do wrong things in business. Often good people do wrong things. Wrong behaviour results in a loss. Individuals and the companies lose face and are damaged due to unethical practices. In order not to lose millions of dollars, good people in organizations should know how to act ethically.

At the end of this course you will have learnt the skills to be able to institute necessary checkpoints, processes and controls to make your start-up ethically correct thus making it attractive to investors and earn customer’s trust from day one.

  • This course is for you if you want to …

    The aim of this course is to understand and learn the ethical issues that arise in the various areas of start-up institutions, and to develop an ability to address and resolve these issues effectively and responsibly. The course aims to build “Ethical Decision-Making Framework” for the entrepreneurs, managers and employees who are working in start-up institutions and who are involved with operations in the start-up markets. This course will make the participants communicate effectively and ethically with their shareholders and stakeholders.

    Specifically, the course seeks to enable entrepreneurs, managers and employees to understand and learn:

    • The need for ethics in business life and the role of ethics in start-up activities.
    • The ethical principles of fairness in market transactions and those that justify the responsibilities and obligations of market actors.
    • The ethical principles that apply to the delivery of goods and services and the operation of firms in the business environment.
    • The ethical principles that justify corporate governance, including internal control of the corporation, the responsibilities and duties of corporate officers and directors, and the role of shareholders.
    • The methods and tools that you can effectively use to implement ethical standards in your business.

    By the end of this course participants will have learnt the skills to be able to institute necessary checkpoints, processes and controls to make their start-up ethically correct thus making it attractive to investors and earn customer’s trust from day one.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for all executives who want to run their business considering good governance and business ethics. This programme will be suited for professionals (including CEOs) who are expected to behave ethically and make ethical decisions. This course will also be recommended to angel investors, venture capital executives, investment bankers, commercial bankers, government bureaucrats who want to evaluate the ethical status of the company and the ethical calibre of its employees that they have relationship with or want to do business with.

    •   How you’ll learn
      • Presentations by the lecturer, followed by Q&A sessions
      • Experience-sharing with other participants
      • Contributions from participants after review of case studies and group discussions
      • Reading assignments and video links to enhance learning experience


The WBAF Business School provides a hybrid learning experience in a multilingual and multi-cultural environment offering (a) online education (b) support from an individualized strategic advisory board, (c) stock exchange meetups and inter-continental study trips, (d) support from a corporate governance and SME support center and (e) proficiency-based qualification and certification.

Certificate and ID Card

The programme concludes with a proficiency test and participants are awarded a professional certificate featuring your proficiency level and a personal WBAF Identity Card. The WBAF Business School awards two kinds of certificates: (a) a professional certificate is issued for successful completion of a programme that concludes with a proficiency test, and (b) a certificate of completion is issued for a course without a proficiency test.

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